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Social Computing in 2020 Honorable Mention: “Mexican Laser Light Extravaganza” by Justin Andrew Gutierrez

About the Author: Justin Andrew Gutierrez is an undergraduate in the Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts / Music program at UC San Diego. Gutierrez expects to receive his degree in 2009.

Social Computing in 2020 Honorable Mention: “Continuous Media Mobilities” by Jordan Kraemer

About the Author: Jordan Kraemer is pursuing a PhD in Cultural Anthropology at the University of California, Irvine. Her dissertation project deals with new media and spatial scalemaking in Berlin. Prior to graduate study, Kraemer worked as a graphic designer and web producer.

Social Computing in 2020 Honorable Mention: “Virtual Health Centers” by Mariano Mora-McGinity

About the Author: Mariano Mora McGinity was born in Newcastle‐upon‐Tyne (UK) and raised in the UK and Spain. McGinity holds degrees in Composition (Musikhochschule Düsseldorf), Guitar (Real Conservatorio Superior de Madrid), Philosophy (UNED University Madrid) and Journalism (Universidad Complutense, Madrid). McGinity is currently studying a PhD in the Media Arts and Technology department at the […]

Social Computing in 2020 Third Prize Winner: “Anatomical Analytics by Chris Castiglione

About the Author: Chris Castiglione is a New Media student in the graduate program at the University of Amsterdam. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Design from James Madison University. Over the past few years he has lived in Amsterdam, Washington DC, New York City, Osaka and London, studying and working in […]

Social Computing in 2020 Second Prize Winner: Experiential Skin Diving by Daniel Luis Kamakura

About the Author: Daniel Kamakura is a rising undergraduate senior at Duke University, with aspirations of going to medical school and becoming a published science fiction writer. Having been an amateur writer since 5th grade, the Bluesky “Social Computing in 2020” Competition is his first submission to a mainstream creative competition. He is currently studying […]

Social Computing in 2020 First Prize Winner: “SENSe” by Karen Tanenbaum & Joshua Tanenbaum

About the Authors:Karen & Joshua Tanenbaum are both PhD students at Simon Fraser University’s School of Interactive Arts & Technology. Joshua is currently investigating interactive storytelling and games in the SFU SIAT EMIIE Lab under the supervision of Magy Seif El-Nasr and Jim Bizzocchi. His primary research is an investigation of narrative meaning in games […]